Wait, What’s Their Age?!

“Is this a giant 3-year-old or a baby-faced 23-year-old?”

“Matronly 40-year old Korean librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year old boy.”

“I am so happy to turn 29 years old today. Sending greetings from Kenya.”

“My close friend sent me a picture of himself at the age of 10 and I thought it may have been his mother…”

“My grandfather at 15. 1933.”

“My mom in 1978… at 13 years old.”

“A photograph of a girl, taken sometime in the early 1900s when she was 6 years old.”

“Hi, I am 18.”

“My dad looked like a pre-midlife crisis businessman… when he was 17.”

“Me, at age 16.”

“This photo was taken about a week before my 14th birthday.”

“My dad started balding at around 17.”

“My hair is getting to the stage where I look like every teen did on their Myspace page in the early 2000s. This is my ‘nobody understands me’ face. Yes, I am 37. No mom, it’s not a phase.”

“Cop in my town, 12 or 30?”

“12-year-old me after a shopping trip with my father. I look like I’m about to ask for the manager.”

“Found this 6th grade graduation pic…”

“I got my first car!”

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