Weird Secret Notes Seen By Teachers

In health class, we were talking about boners and how they fill up with blood. My cousin took a piece of paper and wrote “your penis is filled with blood” and threw it at some popular kid. The teacher picked it up and you can see him die inside because of the immaturity of 8th graders and how he has to teach them for a career.

Not really a note, but when I was teaching college classes, I caught two of the girls whispering, so I told them “If you’re going to tell secrets, you need to share with the rest of the class.” (I taught preschool before this). She looked right at me, and said, without the slightest embarrassment, “I was just telling her that I think you have a cute bu@#.”

I was teaching a Communications class, and we were discussing communications in the workplace, and I looked down at the textbook. After seeing what the next section was, I said “Ok, moving on to the next section, titled ‘Sexual Harrassment’.” Everyone roared with laughter.

A couple weeks later, at a baseball game paid for by the school, she came on to me really hard, with my fiancee right there.

…once I wrote a love letter to a guy when I was 9 years old. When I got caught, a guy took the blame and read it to the whole class. He never said who wrote it. Thank you Devin.

A positive spin: I was long-term subbing a class. One day I noticed students discreetly passing around a piece of paper while I was teaching. I went to retrieve it…. and discovered it was a petition signed by each student requesting I remain their teacher for the rest of the year 🙂

Not me, but a friend of mine who taught 7th grade. He found a note and was about to read it to the class but when he opened it, the note read:

“I want you to crack an egg in my a$$ and f@#k me so hard it scrambles”

He immediately put it in his locked desk drawer without reading it out loud, and it’s now laminated and hung up on his fridge at home.

When I was in high school, I started a note from the back row of the class, which was passed and read by nearly everyone in the class. The teacher grabbed it as it went past him, when there was only 3 people left who hasn’t read it.

I think he was going to read it out to the class, but he looked at it before he read it. All the note said was that the zip on his pants was down. With all respect to him, he calmly zipped up and continued teaching.

In high school a girl in class passed a note to another girl, asking if she had a pad or tampon. Teacher completely blew up, started yelling at them, and asked them to read it out loud. They did, and the teacher, who was an older man, immediately calmed down and let it go. I think he was more embarrassed than the girls.

My then-fiancee was a high school math teacher.

One day she thought she saw a note being passed, but she wasn’t sure, so she waited. Then she thought she saw it again. Finally she saw it, walked over, and took it.

It was a wedding card, signed by half of the class before she took it.

She cried.

Yes, she’s now my wife.

I was in 6th grade, not a teacher. The teacher read aloud a note these two kids were passing back and forth, and it was just all the lyrics to Low by Flo Rida

My sister-in-law was in 7th grade and was passing notes with a friend. The particular not she was writing one day explicitly called the teacher and asshole. When she was caught with the note, instead of reading it out loud, she ran to the restroom and flushed it down the toilet.

This story is frequently shared at family get-togethers.

One time a student had passed a note and I asked it to be read out.

Read: bish to take K kn

Bastards had been playing a game of f@#king correspondence chess during my lesson.

I let them carry on.

In 8th grade the teacher took the note and made me read it. I didn’t even think to make something up. So I blurted out what was on it. “We Beat the Meats: The Story of Three Male Prostitutes Who Made it the Hard Way” Parody of “we beat the streets”. Thought I was so clever.

There was one teacher who was really cool, but still took his teacher job seriously. One lesson there is a note being passed around. Because of the giggling he sharpened his senses and honed in on the note’s location and intercepted the handoff. Did that getting ready for a speech cough, opened the note and laughed. The note said, “giggle and pass it on.”

In my college thermodynamics class the professor said that he didn’t care if we got a text message in class, however he did care if we had our ringers on. So his rule was that if you got a text message and your phone went off loud enough for the whole room to hear it, you had two options.

You could either read the text out loud to the whole class, or you could bring in donuts for everyone at the next class (there were about 20 of us).

Of course everyone keeps their phones on silent, so it never happens… until smack dab in the middle of one of the exams, when the Professor’s phone gets a text message and rings out loud and clear in the middle of the exam.

Professor freezes, takes one look at his phone as we all start giggling, and says “Guess I’m bringing you guys all donuts on Wednesday”. (They were delicious).

8th graders….talking about reproduction in class….semen comes up, the note passed said, “isn’t the proper science term cum?”


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