What Are The Odds?

“My girlfriend’s rabbit, Banjo, has a smaller rabbit on his nose.”

“The sign near my house is starting to peel which has resulted in the town names looking like they’re in a bad a$$ font.”

“Went axe throwing today, somehow I embedded it handle first.”

“Skiers finish the exact same time to share first place in FIS Alpine world cup.”

“5 gummies stuck together in a perfect pattern. Should I eat it?”

“An insect got stuck between the printer and the pillowcase.”

“We have the same saucepan as this cookbook.”

“These burned out lights perfectly align.”

“This is what a ‘split lobster’ looks like. This coloring occurs once in every 50 million lobsters.”

“My dad just cut an onion for a sandwich and there was two in one.”

“I found a cheerio when getting some cereal that was looped through another.”

“The way my plate broke in almost even pieces.”

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