What Does “Safety” Even Mean?!

“What could possibly go wrong, right? I mean, water beats fire…”

“At a propane filling station. Good to know that if there was a fire, that extinguisher would be secure.”

“On the only exit on this side of the building”

“I don’t think ladders are supposed to be used this way.”

“If you can’t see the fire exit, it doesn’t exist.”

“I’m out of words… how and why?”

“Let’s hope there’s never a fire in the shower room at my office.”

“It’s been like this for 2 weeks and the place keeps running as if nothing is wrong.”

“True story: So… I tried to open the door to see how the installation was going. Tried…”

“Bonus about that exit, it was during a renovation that resulted in that door also being bricked in. So even if you moved the rolls, you still couldn’t get out.”

“Incredible work”

“Guess we can just have fires then.”

“Always leave a note.”

“This is me about 6 years ago. We were trying to measure how deep the water was to build a cofferdam around an intake pipe. I don’t work for that company anymore.”

“No fires allowed, I guess.”

“This is not the step up I was looking for today.”

“Just use this bottle of nothing if something bad goes into your eyes!”

“Turns out the ability to read isn’t required for my job.”

“Who needs a ladder, when you have these perfectly fine vehicles all over the parking lot.”

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