What Is Going On?!

“Something is tickling my nose.”

“Hiding behind his left leg is half of an apple box he’s sitting on. It’s slightly visible at the bottom.”

“This tree looks like it’s floating.”

“Tiny kid, giant dad”

“My cat is very flexible.”

“My dog-daughter. Dogther…doughter?”

“Thought my dog was impaled by this table.”

“Bobby is resting next to the window, and the window sticker looks like a stamp on his fur.”

“The dog-sitter sent a photo of my 2 dogs.”

“The pole in this picture makes it look like 2 different pictures.”

“A guy I saw, fishing in his boat on a very foggy day…”

“My Uber driver seems a bit off.”

“The reflection of the underside of a lamp in my glasses”

“My cousin appears to be levitating.”

“My niece has a very flexible neck.”

“My friend’s cat has grown a lot since I’ve seen him last.”

“My girlfriend can give Christopher Hart (the actor who portrayed Thing in The Addam’s Family) some competition.”

“My very 2-legged husband”

“My horse, looking like her head has been stuck on 2 sticks…”

“Lens flare in this photo looks like Eric Cartman.”

“Look it’s a straw-BEAR-y.”

“This Kookaburra looks like a baby goat if you look close enough (outline for reference)”

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