What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

“Not tell anyone.”

“Hire a tax, trust, and asset protection attorney.”

“Build a massive spire as high as legally allowed and live at the top”

“I’d quit my job”

“Move somewhere quiet and nice.”

“Buy a Delorean”

“Pay off my loans, then my parents mortgage, then get my cat a huge cat tree”

“Two chicks at the same time, man.”

“Bunch of hookers and cocaine.”


“Buy a few Senators… I’ve got some things to change around here.”

“Buy a bunch more lottery tickets because I’m on a roll.”

“Buy my mother a house.

That woman has been in my corner and lifted me up when I was at my worst. She birthed me and my two triplet siblings, and raised us brilliantly.”

“A vehicle purchase”

“Move out, buy my fiancé their gaming desktop, get a pool, and relax for the rest of our lives. We aren’t having kids, so once we go I’d donate what’s left.”

“Go back to college and finish my degree”

“Make a film. I have the script, I have the team, I have avenues of distribution, I just don’t have the funds.”

“Wake up”

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