What’s Their Real Age, Though?

“Me, 14, looking like a 40-year-old Russian housewife.”

“Just turned 38. No one ever believes me.”

13 to 30 in one cut

“Eyes of a 15-year-old girl, chin of a 30-year-old man…”

“Looking like a 50-year-old mama getting ready to go to church on a Sunday. I’m 13/14 in this pic.”

7 or 37?

“Last year somebody told me I look like I’m 20 AND 50. She was trying to insult me, but I loved it.”

“This popped up on my newsfeed and I had to read her banner twice.”

“This 31-year-old lady looks like a 16-year-old activist.”

So young, but already a chef

“My mom in 8th grade in the ’80s… a true icon”

13 months or 30 years?

“I was rocking the middle-aged mom look at 15.”

“This dude from my friend’s new school is 15 years old.”

“12-year-old me in my family photo. I look like the 35-year-old secretary who makes the best Christmas cookies at work.”

“Apparently I belong here. I’m 26.”

“My niece, I was taking a picture of her and caught her on the down step running down a hill.”

“Cover the beard, 12-year-old schoolboy, cover the eyes, 38-year-old lumberjack”

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