When Reality Is Better Than Expectations

“My son couldn’t decide on a cake for his birthday. He wanted carrot, chocolate, and lime. As a result, he got all 3.”

“The plant I thought I bought online and the plant they put in my car.”

“How my mom planned the plates and how she made them.”

“A month ago, my sister found a tiny egg. I put it in a jar not expecting anything. But today, it hatched! I’m a ‘father’!”

“I manage a deli for a supermarket. A guy asked me to make a pizza with extra cheese. That’s 30 oz of cheese.”

“When you wanted cookies with chocolate but got chocolate with cookies.”

“I told my son he could only get one donut.”

“I bought ice cream in a regular store, and there was an unexpected bonus in it.”

“If eating a lilac with 5 leaves brings good luck, that’s great, of course. But what do you have to say about this?”

“I asked for a Corgi-shaped cake for my birthday. My husband didn’t disappoint at all!”

“I asked my husband to get me some ginger. This is what some ginger looks like.”

“It was at that moment that I ran out of luck. Out of 20 eggs in a package, 12 had a double yolk.”

“College dining hall. I asked for lots of ketchup.”

“Mom: “How many tacos do you want?”

Dad: “I don’t know. A couple.”

Mom: *orders 21 tacos*”

“I bought moldy cupcakes and even started to think that being a loser was my fate because the expiration date was alright. But my husband offered to send a letter to the manufacturer.”

“We sent it. And already on Monday, the director of the company called me and offered to have a personal meeting with me at the underground station. Today, I got a huge bag of various delicacies and returned home feeling happy. It’s probably hard to run a business for modern companies in the age of blogging — you need to protect your brand because, you never know, what if I had a million subscribers?”

The package says, “The image is enlarged to show texture.”

“My friend ordered a pizza with chicken in Israel. Reasonable execution.”

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