Who Else Hate This?


  1. What right do you have to tell him what to drive? If he wants a big car then thats his buisness.

  2. I have a crew cab with a longbed and its a family and a work truck. Sometimes you have to get a vehicle that does both. Now days they truely do make parking stalls thinner and shorter.

  3. love that truck

  4. And where else would you park. I drive a medium-sized car (Volkswagen Passat) and many times the parking spaces available are just too fracking small for even a normal family car. I can fully understand people driving bigger cars taking up more than one parking space, for they’re simply too small. What I really hate is people with small cars still managing to park so they’re obstructing others, even though they could put their tiny shoeboxes out of the way.

  5. Love the truck and yes I do hate small cars.

  6. Healthy people don’t need such cars. These tanks are only necessary to the mentally or physically handicapped: those who are suffering of some kind of personality disorder, lack of self-confidence, or simply lack of enough erection.

  7. I don’t see a problem. Get over your self. Some people like vehicles, and put their time and money into them.

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