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Who’d Have Predicted These Premonitions Would Actually Happen?


Premonitions and future predictions are real guys, and these stories are evidence of that. Maybe we should listen to our gut more often.



Princess Diana was worried that she’d be in a car accident
This beloved princess went through a lot towards the end of her life. Her husband had an affair, she was divorced and it was all done publicly. As well, months before her fatal crash, she gave a letter to her butler which exclaimed that she was worried her life was in danger. She feared that her husband would orchestrate an accident in her car to make the way clear for him to marry Camilla. We all know what happened on August 31, 1997.

The Princess’ accident is subject to many rumours that try to substantiate this, but to date, there’s nothing behind this other than a drunk limo driver and overly aggressive paparazzi. Still though…



In 1983, Michael Lee predicted the 1993 World Series Winner
The odd of this one are astronomical, but apparently there’s no photoshop trickery involved. Michael Lee had a dream that influenced his senior yearbook quote. Guess who won the 2016 World Series?

Da Bears. I mean, da Cubs.



Edgar Allan Poe wrote about a shipwreck of cannibals 45 years before it happened
In 1838, Poe wrote a novel called The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, which tells the tale of 4 sailors shipwrecked on an island. At first they capture and consume a tortoise, but it’s not enough. They draw straws and the one with the shortest straw, will be consumed by the others. That man was named Richard Parker.

45 years later, the ship Mignonette broke apart and sank, leaving 4 men stranded. They too, ate a tortoise and found it lacking. Eventually the cabin boy fell ill due to malnutrition, so the other 3 killed him and ate him. HIs name was Richard Parker.



A British girl dreamed of a blackness that engulfed her town
In October of 1966, in the mining town of Aberfan, Wales, UK, Eryl Mai Jones told her mom she had a dream about going to school and not finding it there – a blackness had come down and taken it away. She also said she wasn’t scared in the dream, because she was with her friends.

A few days later, 110,000 cubic meters of coal slurry (coal waste, water and shale) slid down the mountain that loomed over the town, and engulfed a portion of it. Eryl’s school was crushed and the waste killed over 144 people in total, including the girl and her two friends.



The Columbia Space Shuttle disaster was predicted by an anime
In 1999, Cowboy Bebop had a plot about an antique spacecraft called Columbia that was used in a rescue mission. The mission almost fails because some heat resistant tiles peeled off the ship during the mission.

In 2003, the real Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated after it’s heat resistant tiles peeled off during launch.


Back to the Future II predicted a lot of future tech we take for granted today
We might not have any time-travelling, flying cars or hover boards but we do have video calling, biometric scanners (including the door locks in the film) and digital payment. They were also a year off of an accurate world series prediction for the cubs too.

H.G. Wells predicted tanks 13 years before they were ever deployed
Back in 1903, Wells published a story called “The Land Ironclads,” a tale that took the concept of naval ironclad ships from the Civil War and put them on land with 8 pairs of wheels to move them around. It wasn’t until 1916 that the world’s militaries actually started using their earliest tanks.


Entertainment blogger Elena Sheppard predicted the 2013 Golden Globes with 100% accuracy
This has never been done before, or replicated but somehow, she did it. She was working for the for the political news/culture site, and was assigned an article to predict the winners.

Even industry experts, with decades of insider knowledge and expertise, have never done what Elena did; getting 25 out of 25 categories right.



A music producer predicted the death of Buddy Holly
Joe Meek was a relatively unknown music producer during his time, but we now know him for a couple things: the inventor of reverb, sampling and overdubbing, and predicting the death of Buddy Holly, then going crazy afterwards.

One night, he was present at a Tarot reading that read “February the third,” “Buddy Holly,” and “Dies.” A huge Holly fan, he tried to reach out to the singer, but couldn’t. Luckily enough, Feb 3, 1958 turned out ok. Meeks finally got in touch with Holly, relayed his message, and Holly told him he’d be careful every Feb 3rd. On that date in 1959, Holly, Richie Valens and JP Richardson died in a plane crash.



A man named David Booth had dreams of a plane crash
There’s something about dreams and predictions. For several weeks, Booth was having dreams about an engine falling off of a commercial jet, causing it to crash. He called the FAA and American Airlines with his dream details and they took him seriously and took note of the details. Without more to go on, however, their hands were tied.

On May 25, 1979, American Airlines flight 191 took off from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and one of the engines fell off the wing, causing hydraulic and wiring problems. The plane lost control and crashed.



A US Army officer predicted the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1925
General Billy Mitchell was well known in his time (and in the history books) for his flight programs against the Germans in WWI. After that war, he went on record stating that if the US were to be attacked by air, the first attack would be made on Ford Island (in Pearl Harbour) at 7:30am. The second attack would be made on Clark Field (Philippines) at 10:40 am.

On Dec 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbour was bombed at 7:48 Hawaii time, introducing US to WWII.



Charles Dickens wrote a ghost story that actually happened
In 1861, Charles Dickens published a short story about a painter who met a beautiful woman who asked to have her portrait painted. Rather than do it by sitting for him, the woman says he has to do it from memory. As the story unfolds, you find out the woman is dead and commissioned the portrait from beyond, to console her father.

Later, a London artist and painter named Thomas Heaphy accused Dickens of plagiarism. Apparently, he had tried to sell the same story to a magazine, but from his own perspective. This event had actually happened to him. He claims the events happened to him on Sept 13th of that year, the same day Dickens wrote the story.



NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick predicted his future in 4th grade
For a class assignment, Colin was asked to write about himself in the future. In it he wrote that he’d go to a good college, grow up to be 6″4′ and play for the Packers or the 49ers.

Kaepernick went to the University of Nevada, is currently listed at being 6″4′ and was drafted by San Francisco in 2011. Wonder if he predicted what his career would look like once he got political. Yikes.


Nostradamus predicted the Great Fire of London
During his flurry of predictions, Nostradamus said that “fire will burn the blood of the just in London in the year 66.” This prediction was made sometime in the 1500’s, and on Sept 5th, 1666 the Great Fire of London swept through the city and killed thousands.



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