Wholesomeness Is Sorely Needed During Quarantine!

Belgian woman, Suzanne Hoylaerts aged 90, dies of #Covid_19 after refusing a respirator, telling her doctors “Save it for the youngest [who need it most], I’ve already had a beautiful life.” Not all #Heroes wear capes !

He came out of retirement to help with this epidemic. This man is a legend in Italy as he helped with the first heart transplant

Can someone buy me 3 bottles of milk?

A man in Morristown, NJ standing outside the emergency room with this sign. Remember to say thank you to those on the front lines!

After 11 hospital days and losing 12kg, my 78yr old dad is home and recovered from Covid in Madrid!

Bosnia and Herzegovina. More discipline than 1st world countries

I (27m) mentioned that I am out of work and my elderly neighbor left this on my doorstep

Gas station helping elderly

Our neighbour doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours. Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas

My Great-Uncle visits his wife every day. She’s in an Assisted Living facility as she has Alzheimer’s, so he can’t go in right now for safety reasons. That doesn’t stop him from showing his endearing love

Minnesota & Vermont will classify grocery store employees as ER workers, qualifying for free childcare.

Man feeding neighbor’s dog.

Update: this photo was taken before coronavirus outbreak

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