Why Do We Love Boobs So Much?!

If you think about it, this fascination we have with breasts is quite unique. Human men are the only animals that seem to gravitate toward the breasts of the opposite sex. Human females are also the only species whose breasts are permanently swollen, even while not producing milk. Is it purely sexual though?

Men catch a bad rap for being so predictably captivated by tits, but women certainly enjoy their endowments equally. In a joint study done at the University of Sheffield and the University of Texas, 301 people—including 153 women—were polled with 82% of the women claiming increased sexual arousal from stimulating the breasts and/or nipples. Almost 60% of those women directly sought nipple stimulation.

Men subconsciously find boobs rewarding. No really, it’s science. A study exhibited that men shown videos of bouncing breasts would more eagerly seek out instant gratification, as opposed to those shown pastoral videos, who would be willing to wait longer, for greater rewards. Scientists believe this signals breasts are associated with the areas of our brain that are also associated with “rewards”. Breasts directly affect men’s decision making.

Why are women the only species with perpetually large breasts? One theory is based on the idea that primates almost exclusively have sex with the male entering from the rear. This hypothesis says that women developed “front humps” to mirror the shape of their rear ends. In other words, breasts are physical sexual innuendos.

When you’re an infant clawing at your mom’s tit for milk, a special bond is formed. Aww! Scientifically speaking, chemicals are released in her brain making it a pleasurable experience for her. For you, the reward is obvious—nourishment. When you get older, the attraction may become sexual, but it’s rooted in the pleasure from the enrichment provided by breast milk in those early stages of your life. You’re hardwired early to look to(at) boobs for satisfaction.

Another theory explaining our never-ending need for breasts is again based on the fact we are the only animals that have sex face-to-face. This very specific aspect of human sexuality evolved to exploit the bond formed by a child and its mother while breast feeding. Seriously, Mother’s Day is going to be interesting this year…

Another, similar theory suggest that women developed permanently enlarged breasts to visually signal to men that they’re “nutritionally advantaged and youthful”—making her a good mate. Men’s preferences for larger breasts seem to support this theory. We’re all just seeking suitable mates.

When you were young and you scraped your knee, your dad would pat you on the back and say walk it off, but your mom will pull you into her bosom to comfort you. Scientists believe this nurturing technique eventually leads so a subconscious connection between boobs and comfort. It’s science!

So what did we really learn? Mostly, you were trained to love boobs at a very early age. Maybe even before you were even born. Like riding a bike, you just never forgot!

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