Why Is It Important To Be A Member At Depositphotos?

Once a user agrees to the terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the membership contract, Depositphotos grants them the right to access and use the content of the Site. The User is not permitted to visit the Site or use its tools if, for any reason, they conflict with these clauses and they do not agree to its conditions. If there is a discrepancy between the information provided in this membership contract, this Membership Agreement’s information shall take precedence and be deemed legitimate.

The Membership Agreement is subject to revision at any moment, and Depositphotos maintains the just to do so in whole or in part. Such modifications are valid and in effect as soon as they are published. The User confirms his/her approval of these modifications if they continue to use the website after they have been made. The User shall immediately cease using the website and its files if he or she is unable to comply with the conditions and rules set forth below.


The Site is known to be a tool that may or may not directly or indirectly contain information, files, software, photographs, illustrations, and similar files that are protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks, or other similar rights owned by the company. Its affiliates and subdivisions, or several third parties, including many Site Users can also manage files.

The User is not permitted to distribute, reproduce, publish, sell, move, new works, or utilize the Site’s material in any other manner, whether partially or completely. The exclusion is applied to situations when such authorization is expressly and unequivocally expressed in this Membership Contract or in several documents that become operative when the use of the tool commences.

Following submission of payment, an image that has been purchased by the User is still accessible for download for a full year. During this time, the User may download it from the Buyer Menu – Purchased Files folder as many times as required without incurring any more fees.


The User affirms that he or she has permitted the user identification process to be carried out to give him or her control over his or her profiles and settings. And also governing control of Site material. The password and username (login) that the user selects are private details. The User acknowledges the importance of keeping this information private and agrees to keep it that way. Without Depositphotos’ prior, express written consent, the User also promises not to disclose, give, or give personal data to the third parties.


The User declares his or her agreement to be held accountable for every control of the site’s material made with the chosen password as the owner of those items. Additionally, he or she is aware of and consents to the fact that Depositphotos will automatically accept and recognise his or her login information as proof that it was the account holder who accessed the Site’s material. Therefore, Depositphotos Site does not enforce any particular need as to the quality and contents of the login and password. The User is aware that both are distinctive symbols.


All information exchanges and uploads made on the Site are not within the control of Depositphotos, and the company is not liable for them. However, Depositphotos reserves the freedom to move, remove, refuse to the audience or change any written message or file that it believes to violate this Agreement, another party’s intellectual or private property rights, or other similar rights. The Contributor consents to the confiscation of any extra commissions received for the relevant files.

Although it is not required, Depositphotos can make changes to the files as it sees fit. Depositphotos respects the intellectual or private property of others and requests that its users do the same. If they have the reason that their material was copied or the other intellectual property freedoms have been infringed upon either indirectly or directly, they should submit a notice or claim of such illegal infringement to Depositphotos following the format specified in the contract.

The User confirms that he or she is okay with Depositphotos sending him or her electronic newsletters and notifications. To enable or disable notifications, then he or she can always open his or her Profile.


The term “Confidential Information” is to be interpreted following the importance of the Membership Agreement as any software, documents, data, files or information. According to the management of Cimpress, its staff, enterprise, members, licensees, affiliates, licensors, design, business model, business processes, prices, strategies, development models and investigations are vital.

The User is aware that Confidential Detail is just that—confidential—and is not used in any other way, except in situations where it is expressly permitted by this Agreement or provided to third parties in writing by Cimpress and its licensors.


The website, its services, and its content are not intended for use by children or people under the age of 18, nor are they created with the intent to knowingly or wilfully collect, use, or disclose any personal information about children or people under 18. When Depositphotos learns that any personal information from children has been submitted to or collected through the Site, it will take prompt action to remove it and/or look for ways to verify parental agreement for the collection, use, or sharing of that information.

The User affirms and warrants that he or she has achieved the age of majority, possesses all necessary qualifications for using the Site, and is subject to responsibilities under law adequate to protect against any liability that may arise from using the Site files. The User acknowledges complete responsibility for all instances of the Site’s usage, without exception, as well as for any unauthorised use of his or her login information by third parties, including minors and those who are not his or her immediate family members.

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