Winning Over A Challenging Day

Enjoy these uplifting and motivational insights that will make your toughest days a little easier!

“Found on my leg tonight after a day-long headache”

“We just got the window replaced last week.”

“After 14 months, 3 requests, 2 White House VA calls & 1 Congressional inquiry, the VA sent my records on CD….in halves.”

“Microwave safe my @$$”

“Took off my headphones tonight and noticed I have a balled spot”

“The last spot I parked my Hyundai in before it disappeared overnight”

“My landlord decided to set up his washing machine in the garage. That spot is our assigned parking space.”

“Have a 102 fever. Decided to make soup.”

“The reduced sugar version is more expensive.”

“Just opened a pack of cards, and pulled an $1800 card, but the company doesn’t exist anymore so I can’t redeem it.”

“The ant situation we found at work when we went to make coffee”

“It seems that someone purchased the same dining set, replaced it with their used and smoke infused seats, then returned it. Costco must’ve restocked it without inspecting it for the next unlucky customer (me).”

“I’ve only been in this apartment for 3 days..”

“I did not know milk crates were this strong.”

“Letter was placed on my car, on a public street in Chicago…”

“Tossing and turning all night with an annoying cough only to roll over and feel my face on fire.”

“The hood of my car blew open when I was merging onto the freeway”

“Buy some beer after a stressful day at work and when I get out of the car the handle tears busting the whole pack.”

“I kept a small vial of my dads ashes in the center console of my car. I opened it today to find this…”

“Just noticed that there’s mold growing in my ice maker. I got it a few months ago.”

“A reminder not to leave jewelry near plugged-in electronics in a place where they could fall behind the plug.”

“My cabinet fell off.”

“Bought one lime today, had no juice at all”

“My dad bought a TV off of someone through Facebook Marketplace….”

“So I just whammed my shin against this.”


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