Woman Finds Abandoned Baby Squirrel And It Changes Her Life

Here we have the touching story of an adorable girl named Simone Serfontein and the lucky ass squirrel who ended up with the cushiest life I’ve ever heard of for a nut gathering rodent.

It starts off with a heart-wrenching accident that you’d find at the beginning of an inspirational animal movie. The tiny, naked baby squirrel tumbled out of a tree and was left for dead by its mother. Luckily, Simone found the little thing. She shared her story in an interview with BoredPanda.

“When we found her, she was still a ‘pinky’ and a funny looking creature with no hair. She was around 5 – 6 days old when we picked her up. Ice cold and screaming for her mom who unfortunately never came back for her.”

So with her big Disney Princess heart, Simone took the baby squirrel home to raise her. She named her Dingetjie.

Everything was pretty uphill after falling out of a tree and being abandoned. For three months, Simone set alarms and woke up throughout the night to feed the infant ball of fluff. During the days, Dingetjie would go to work with her newly adopted human and sleep on her all day. Lucky little squirrel.

Dingetjie became a happy pet. And I’m not talking a ‘hamster in a cage’ sort of pet. No, she became more of a ‘free-roaming cat’ type of pet. “I got her a small shoebox with some blankets inside, but she did not want to sleep in at all. She felt warm and safe with me and to this today she still sleeps in the bed with me. We used to always take her with us when traveling and she always seemed to enjoy it. She would get out of her traveling cage in the car and get onto our shoulders and just enjoy the road trip with us.”

Simone knew she had to let Dingetjie back into the wild to live out her little squirrel days chasing tail and gathering nuts.

But after releasing Dingetjie out into the big wide world, she came back to live her days in luxury.

“Dingetjie almost always came back in the evening. There were only 3 nights when she slept outside but returned in the morning”. That is no dumb squirrel. She’s gotten the best of both worlds ever since.

Eventually, Dingetjie had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a baby named Mistie. Above is the baby with her mom, who is proud to show you she made dis.

Here they are, looking like they’re going to drop the hottest mixtape in the domesticated animal kingdom.

And since Dingetjie couldn’t produce milk, Simone got another chance to be a baby-squirrel-feeding hero.

Simone, Dingetjie, and Mistie are all doing an adorable job of documenting their squirrel-related antics.


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