This Woman Quickly Realized Why Greed Is Bad

“It started off innocently enough. I found this cool feature on Amazon to get free carpet swatches and thought they would make a neat cat scratcher and they’re free so…”

“The first bundle arrived and it was a good amount but I realized not all of the textures were gonna be good so I ordered more”


“I am on night shift so I was woken up to this. The delivery guy is not happy. I swear I didn’t realize I ordered this many and I thought they were all going to be small!!”

“They are not small. The cats are super interested and I’m laughing hysterically out of nervousness that my future husband might realize I’m a psychopath and leave me”

“Oh man you guys I’ve really abused the system here. Let me know if you want me to show you how to abuse the system too! I’m an enabler, and it’ll make me feel better”

“I only hope the warehouse guys have dealt with my level of stupidity before because this tops the charts”

“We have halted progress now that all the big ones are open. I regret nothing. 10/10 recommend Kitty thrones”

“My advice: be picky. There’s plenty”

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