Women Share 5 Unusual Things They Find Attractive in Men

There are obvious things women find attractive in men. Everybody’s always talking about those, usual, things. Here you can discover five unusual things women find attractive in men. And it’s not guessing; women were asked to share what they like about men. Specialists from adultdatingadvice.net found out the most unusual things that women find attractive in men.

Let’s find out how to become more attractive to women instantly.

Being emotional

The time when every girl wanted a strong, cold, almost vicious man is long gone. Women want their men to be emotional. Younger generations of ladies more than older. It doesn’t mean mature ladies don’t dream about emotional men. Every girl, regardless of age, wants to hear how her partner feels

Do you need to become a super emotional man who could blend in with the group of crying teenagers while they’re watching Twilight?

NO! Too much of anything isn’t good. When women say they want you to be emotional, it means they want to feel affection. They want you to share feelings with them because, in many cases, they can help you. You don’t have to remember your long-gone childhood pet and cry her a river in the living room. Just be natural, don’t pretend that nothing can touch you. Set your feeling free, and you’ll become happier. You’ll love yourself more; women will find your feeling sexy.

When They Don’t Initiate Physical Intimacy

“Men only want one thing! It’s disgusting.”: every woman ever at least once in a lifetime.

Don’t pretend that you aren’t one of the men who love sex. There is nothing wrong with that, women love sex too, but one thing disgusts them (in most situations)—a man who only wants to reach some level of physical intimacy. Don’t be that man. It’s sad. It shows that you can’t control yourself and that you’ll do anything to get some tail. Women don’t like that. Desperation has never been, and it will never be attractive.

Another research showed that men who can control their urge get much more sex than men who put their cards on the table after 30 seconds. It’s normal. Women like men with strong characters. Ladies love to flirt too, so a man who’s desperate to get in their pants isn’t a challenge. Remember this. It’s very important. A similar situation will show up in a couple of chapters. Of course, you won’t act like you hate sex and everything about it while chatting online or on a date, but there is a line between flirting and desperation for physical intimacy.

A Career in One of the Most Successful Jobs

This isn’t unusual, but the unusual thing about this question was that different ladies consider different jobs successful. It depends on the woman’s personality, the area where she lives, etc. That’s amazing because you don’t have to be an NBA star or top-notch lawyer to be attractive. Don’t get us wrong; being a world-famous athlete or surgeon who saved thousands of lives is at the top of the mountain. If you’re on that level, you know how much ladies love that level of success.

If you aren’t, don’t quit, be ambitious. Be confident. Ladies will respect that immediately. Once you become successful, they’ll want you even more.

Playing Hard to Get

In the chapter about physical intimacy, you’ve learned that hitting a brake can take you a long way with ladies. That’s because women are like cats. Cats love to play with their prey. A dead mouse is boring to a cat. It’s the same with men who desperately want to get laid and women. They can smell desperation, and they never look in the direction from which it comes.

If a lady has ever seduced you, then you know how much they enjoy that game. It’s almost a part of foreplay for them. They want to engage in the dance of flirting, seduction, and satisfaction, but they want you to stay strong while falling under their spell. Don’t fall dead after 1 minute of conversation. Pretend that you’re hard to get – it will change your life.

Photos with a High-Status Context

People meet online all the time. It doesn’t even have to be on dating sites. People meet on social media too. Just remember how many times you’ve checked out a pretty girl who commented on some random post just because her photo looked nice. Women do that, on dating sites and social media, everywhere. Your photos are a representation of you. Women love to see men in pictures that show their high status. Most of the women want to see success in your photos because that means they can share your success.

Now you know how to become more attractive to women instantly. Go, use your new power.

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