Saturday , 19 January 2019

Worlds Hottest Grandma

As if the list of shit that didn’t need to be a thing couldn’t get any longer, being the world’s hottest granny is now apparently a thing. That’s right, there is one GMILF to rule them all. Or is there…

According to Carrie Hilton (pictured above), she was dubbed ‘Britain’s most glamorous granny’ in January and then the ‘world’s hottest granny’ by various media outlets around the world soon after her daughter Clarice gave birth.

Yeah, that’s someone’s grandma. Whether the 36-year-old is “hottest” in the world or not, she looks pretty good for a granny. How has she defied father time and maintained her hotness? First, she has a strict fitness regime that includes kick boxing in which she’s a black belt – and a six-time silver medalist at international level. Then, of course, there is the $17,352 she has spent in enhancements.

Unfortunately for Carrie (fortunately for us?), she has a little competition. 47-year-old Australian glamour granny Gina Stewart also claims to be the world’s hottest gran-gran. Stewart made it to the semi-finals and placed 12th out of 10,000 women, most of which half her age, in Maxim’s modeling contest.

Gina claims her youthful looks are a result of plant-based natural food, beauty products and medicines. She claims to have given up all pharmaceuticals six years ago. She says after her breast implants in 2007, she’s only had botox and fillers twice, the effects of which have worn off.

So, what do you guys think?


Or Gina?


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