World’s Longest Cruise To Set Sail From London For 245-Day Voyage

The Ultimate World Cruise is to set sail today, and embark on a 245-day journey around the globe.

And, the tickets only cost $93,000 per person

The ship, Viking Sun, will carry around 1,400 people on the voyage.

The Viking Sun will begin and end its journey in London.

The itinerary for the vessel includes stopping in 51 countries on 6 continents.

To start the trek, the ship will visit Belfast, Dublin and Edinburgh.

The line will then make its way over to Scandinavia and the Caribbean before heading to South America and then the tropical island of the South Pacific.

Travelers will then visit Australia and Asia before making the return leg to Europe and the Mediterranean.

Along the way passengers will get to experience ancient world wonders such as…

The Gizah Pyramids (Egypt),

Machu Picchu (Peru),

and Angkor Wat (Cambodia).

And, for those who don’t like dirt,
the luxury cruise ship also includes swimming pools, cinemas, spas,

and a two-deck explores’ lounge.

If the Viking Sun successfully completes the voyage, it will have broken the Guiness World Record for longest continuous passenger cruise.

As nice as all of this sounds, almost 9 months on the ocean is a bit too long for me.

But, for those setting sail today… Goodluck!

Have a safe trip ye’ hardy bastards.

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