The worst things people have shared with their family or friends

On Instagram, we asked you “What’s the worst thing you’ve you accidentally shared with your friends or family” and you guys did not disappoint. See some of the best responses below or check out our Instagram for more!

“Got drunk off jager on Christmas Eve and brought home a one night stand… we did the walk of shame while the family and kids were opening presents and watching the Christmas story.” – wadewilliams_41

“I hit “paste” in a group chat with my sisters, thinking it would have been a funny gif, but it was the name of a porn Star I was uh, researching…” – bensnacks

“Broken penis after too-vigorous sex. Had to call my sister to take me to hospital. Bitch laughed the whole way there” – haitch78

“Sent my maternity pics – lots of skin exposed to a work WhatsApp group” – samanthadb13

“Accidentally butt dialed my dad (in high school) while my friend and I were discussing the details of my sex life!” – megokc

“Early in my 12yr relationship with my girlfriend, I told her if she was too full of food to jump a few times and it would pack the food down. She did and immediately puked.” – benlemerand

“Years ago I showed my mom a video of my infant son giggling….well she decided to keep scrolling through without my knowledge and found a video my husband had sent me while on a hunting trip…he was um, pleasing himself…so yeah, my mom knows what my husband’s penis looks like” – alivine08

“High on mushrooms. Called my mom and told her I wanted to speak to her before I died.” – spacecityz

“Lol sent a pic of my shit to my father in law. Best friend is rob gray so is father in law. They have been renamed in my phone.” – shearsi33

“Gonna have to say my penis ….at my wedding …. to my mother in law. Can’t make that shit up.” – ove007

“I had recently gone through a breakup after catching my girlfriend cheating on me. I was on the phone with my Dad telling him I was going out to have some fun to get over it. I said, “I’m gunna go out, find a random, and get a blow job.” Next thing I know I hear my step-mom and grandmother start laughing. He had me on speaker phone… Thanks Dad” – stewiez71

“When my mom texted grandpa her boobs!” – pawlynewman@mammo__

“I accidentally sent my father in law nudes instead of to his son.” – amberwade_

“My Ex tried to send me a nude, well she sent it to a group chat that I was involved in… So was her mom and stepdad.” – kiwi_the_rob

“…porn internet history when I was a teenager I forgot to wipe the computer.” – vibe_n_thrive_

“Told my mom, I went to a swingers party once. She laughed. Then 3 years later, there was a show on TLC about the swingers life, and she about fainted when she asked if that was the same thing I had done.” – misssassyblondie

“My right boob. Lol. On my wedding day. My hubby picked me up and accidentally tugged on my dress a little and out it came.” – claudb09

“Sent my mom a picture of my bed with outfits laid out so she could tell me what was best to wear to an event and my bright pink vibrator was in the corner of the photo” – mccuey13

“Accidentally forwarded what can only be described as an extremely rude and vulgar video from my lads group to my family group…granny was not impressed.” – popey915

“After getting my appendix removed I was in the recovery room. I told my entire family that my gf was the only one allowed to touch my “yoohoo” and to not let the doctors touch it. Had no idea I said it.” – mister_bair

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