Wow That’s A True Talent Right There

“Volcanic eruption undersea.”

“Peanut Harvester”

“Majestic Blue Whale”

“A 360° painted sphere of a street view”

“Carbon nanotubes so light they float”

“Dust Devil and Volcano Eruption at the same time”

“An Andean Condor being released”

“This is a Lego Machine that lays out dominos”

“Ground shifting during a 7.4 earthquake in Oaxaca Mexico”

“Friction Welding, in slow motion.”

“When Parks Canada reintroduced bison back into Banff National Park in 2018”

“Windy Forest Seen From Above”

“Size of viruses”

“The Peabody Hotel ducks in Memphis Tennessee daily walk to the Hotel’s fountain from their rooftop residence”

“A closeup look at a cat’s tongue.”

“Dust, stars, and cosmic rays swirling around Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, captured by the Rosetta probe”

“Gesture control stunt car”

“Rainbow wire bonsai tree”

“Bird migration tracked by GPS”

“Tire gets elongated while spinning at a high velocity.”

“Ice melting off a handrail”

“Herd leader ensures that no one walks on the road”

“Fairy-tale like forest in Korçë, Albania”

“A clothing company makes custom shirts with magnetic buttons for a man with cerebral palsy”

“Trippy B&W Cartoony Cofee Shop”

“How Bananas Are trasported from plantations”

“How some Bonsai trees get their shapes”

“Using a battery to make fire”

“Black fallow deer recently seen in Baryczy Valley in Poland”

“Raw, velvety malachite”

“Removing rust with lasers”

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