Wunderdog Maggie Endured The Unthinkable Only To Miraculously Recover 1 Year Later & Inspire All

This is Maggie the Wonder Dog

And, here is her incredible story.

Maggie was found in Lebanon chained to a box and left to die.

When Maggie was finally rescued, she had suffered 17 gunshot wounds, her ear being cut-off, and a broken jaw.

To the guy who did this to her.
From all of us here in theCHIVE community.
We would like to say…
Fuck you.


She became completely blind from the injuries, and her eyes had to be sewn shut to prevent infection.

But, that didn’t stop this pooch.

After being rescued, her story was put on the Wild At Heart Foundation in hopes to find her a good, safe home.

A family from Brighton, UK found her story on the website and immediately fell in love with Maggie.

Arrangements were made, and Maggie was flown from Lebanon to Brighton with her new family waiting for her at the airport.

Maggie’s spirit inspired her new family, and they knew she could inspire others.

After hardwork and dedication, Maggie was able to receive her Therapy Dog certificate.

And, her story caught fire.
@maggiethewunderdog currently has 250,000 followers on Instagram from everyone she has inspired.

Maggie’s story reminds us all to never give up no matter how bad it gets.
And, even though there are bad people in the world…

It’s the good ones that make it all worth it.

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