You Can Always Find Something “Special” On Netflix…

“The movies in my Netflix queue are holding hands.”

“The way Netflix portrays Shrek makes it look like it’s an animated porno…”

“Archer, and Netflix captions.”

“Bob, Sponge of Marine War”

“Wow, Netflix sure is getting specific….”

“Thanks, Netflix — I’ll be sure to check that out.”

“Ron Swanson IS a strong female lead.”

“Perfect placement.”

Can we please get a Jurassic Parks and Recreation?

“You’re heartless b#stards, Netflix.”

“Browsing Netflix’s recently added section and came across this awful font choice for the word ‘Buff’.”

Suits or sl#ts?

“Please tell me Netflix does this on purpose.”

“The thumbnail for a Netflix show.”

“I think Netflix is trying to hit on me.”

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