You Can Get Addicted To Just About Anything…

“When they first came out I ordered one on eBay from China and then I just kept getting more and more of them. Different varieties, different watts, different color temps, if I saw one in a store and it was cheap I’d pick it up and see how it compared to the other ones.”

“I realize that it’s probably not healthy to be biting layers of skin away from the inside of my mouth but for some reason, I just cannot stop. Even when I do stop for like a week or something and the inside of my mouth goes back to regular within the next few days I’m back to biting.”

“I must confess, I was completely addicted to that game. I am usually quite good at not falling for childish time wasters, but something about the game drew me in. Thankfully, I was able to overcome my addiction.”

“The feeling of something stuck in my teeth and not being able to pick it out with my tongue or fingernail drives me up the wall. I floss after nearly every meal.”

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