You Can Smell Nostalgia In These Photos


“The plastic of a McDonald’s play room.”

“The fall wind. I used to sit out on my deck for hours with a sweatshirt and hot cocoa and read and the smell/sound of the wind through the pines is one of my fondest memories.”

“Sliced apples in tupperware or somthing. There are moments i get a whiff of that smell in public and it take me right back too when i was a little kid in school.”

“Freshly opened Pokémon booster pack.”

“Video-game cartridges.”

“Elementary Schools. Yes elementary schools have a smell. I can’t describe it, but I just know it when I smell it”

“Black licorice scented marker.”

“Calamine lotion. I still love that smell. Makes me think of summer.”

“You know that smell when rain meets pavement.”

“The citrus smell of sunny delight. That pretty much fueled by entire childhood. That and caprisun.”

“That smell of the chlorine when you step out of the locker room into an indoor pool.”

“Tree sap. But also I get intense camping as a kid flashbacks whenever I smell certain things. Like any combination of coffee, campfire, early morning air, bacon and exhaust from an older truck.”


“The smell of opening up christmas presents as a kid. Specifically cardboard…”

“My mom used to always bake pies on the weekend. The smell of fresh pies sends me right back in time.”

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