You Will Probably Not Find A Single Pet In This Post

The darkness is displeased with you.

A spy sniffs the area for trouble and then slyly observes

Need a master thief to steal something important from your enemies? Hire this cat.

Improve. Adapt. Be sneaky.

This cat has mastered the art of camouflage.

You know you’re a good spy when you’re camouflaged even when you’re asleep.

One with the couch

James Bond would’ve definitely been proud of these 2!

“No one will find me here!”

“If I sit here long enough, I will become one with the leaves.”

The new, advanced Oreo cookie camouflage

Nothing to see here, just a bunch of plush toys

Get to the high ground for better visibility.

*Spy music starts playing*

Boxes are extremely believable disguises

Just a picture of some curtains, that’s all

Very nicely folded towels

A true master of disguise is always hidden.

“They will never find me!”

“Phew, that was a close one!”

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