Tuesday , 9 February 2016

Artist gets creative using skulls as canvas

If you’re digging these skulls as much as we are, check out more from Jack of the Dust HERE. He’s got quite the story and has taken very little time to perfect his craft. I can already imagine one of these bad boys floating around our office getting its picture taken.

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Beijing Looks Like A Ghost Town

You would think that Beijing would be packed in the days leading up to Chinese New Year. But many people have left the city to go home to their families and the streets look unusually empty.

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Woman Gets Busted While Planning To Assassinate Her Husbands Ex-Wife

This woman was looking for someone to help her carry out an assassination attempt. The only problem was that she asked the wrong person. Tara Lambert, 33, has been found guilty of planning to assassinate her husbands ex-wife. Lambert gave an undercover police officer a $125 down payment for the assassination, but later insisted that she had been joking. A …

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These Pictures Pretty Much Sum Up The Joy Of Being Childfree

Mothers are always posting “challenges” on Facebook. The Motherhood Challenge is a popular one where women tag other women who they think are great mothers. But 32 year old English comedian Ellie Taylor recently nominated herself for the Non-Motherhood Challenge and she posted a few pictures that sum up the joys of living without children.

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Parents Create A Giant NES Replica For Their Kids

These parents wanted to create the ultimate game room for their kids so they decided to do something special. They spent two weeks creating a giant NES replica and it is seriously epic. One look at this giant NES and you will want to stay in that room and play video games for hours.

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Kylie Jenner Red Bra And Panties Selfie

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