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6 Dark Movies You’ll Never See The Same Knowing Their Origin – Linkiest A Quick GIF That Illustrates Why ‘The Camera Adds 10 Pounds’ – Digg Your vacation may look like this in 30 years – Leenks Kara Del Toro’s Hot Beach Bunny Photoshoot – G-Celeb Happy Fill My Cup Thursday! (38 Photos) – Radass Smokeshow Matchup from Hell – …

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Australian Man Wins The Best Raffle Prize Ever

The Beitz family from Queensland, Australia decided to raffle off their island resort which has a 16 bedroom facility on 3 acres of land. A man from New South Wales is now the new owner of the resort after he won the raffle, and all he had to do was buy a $65 raffle ticket.

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Old Rusty Ship Transformed Into A Stunning Pavilion

South Korea-based Shinslab Architecture created this stunning pavilion for the Seoul edition of MoMA’s Young Architects Program. When you take a close look you’ll notice that it’s actually part of an old rusty ship that’s been converted into a building.

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Interesting Facts To Boost Your Brain

Facts are the simplest way of learning things around you. So the best way to improve your knowledge is by looking into many interesting facts like these. You won’t be left bored, as these are really interesting facts about random things that you should be knowing. Although these facts seem as just a fraction of knowledge, collecting and storing more …

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Most Incredible Face Paintings

Many of us didn’t really know that face painting was also considered as an art. In fact, many artists are out there with their amazing face paintings that are very well astonishing. If you’re someone who loves body paintings and arts, then these incredible face paintings based on a wide range of designs and themes are gonna truly impress you. …

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