Sunday , 22 September 2019

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Crazy And Weird Vintage Ads

With great power comes great responsibility, but try telling that to someone working in the advertising field in the early 20th century. Even today, advertising doesn’t try very hard to conform to moral standards, but after looking back at some …

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Photos That Will Leave You Feeling Shook

I, um… See ya! 1. It’s tough knowing that you live on the same planet as someone who pierces their toenails: 2. Or gives themselves this manicure: 3. These cosplayers don’t make life any easier: 4. And neither does this …

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18 Weird Kids

Children are wonderful because they have a pure, innocent view of the world. And that’s also why they do such strange, strange things.

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Weird Break-Up Reasons

“It wasn’t working”, or “They were a jerk” are played out. These people ended relationships for minor and yet totally understandable reasons.

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WTF Google Map Pictures

One thing that we believed to be perfect was the internet, especially the Google. But from this gallery even it came out to be not true. If you’re a person like million others who solely depends on Google every day …

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