Milo the narcoleptic Frenchie is the definition of ‘awww’

Milo the narcoleptic French bulldog is good at two things: falling asleep spontaneously and smashing the cuteness scale to pieces. The 3-year-old bed-bound butterball has achieved quite the following on social media, and it’s no mystery as to why. Seriously. Watch this video of him snoring. I just made a sound no adult male should make when looking at something …

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Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck In A Terrible Spot

A poor cat from a small town in Massachusetts got his head stuck in a sewer grate and he needed a little assistance getting out. The local firefighters were more than happy to answer the call and they made sure that the cat was safely returned home.

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Animal Cuteness

You may consider yourself the toughest guy on the block but one thing’s for sure: You’re never too tough for cute animals.

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Man Takes His Dog On One Last Road Trip

In May of 2015 Robert Kugler found out that his dog Bella was diagnosed with bone cancer. Bella was only given three to six months to live and that’s when Kugler decided she needed one last adventure before he time was up. They’ve been traveling for 14 months now an the trip is still going. Robert says that Bella is …

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Alabama Uses Her Bare Hands To Catch A 30 Pound Catfish

Hannah Barron of Crenshaw County, Alabama isn’t afraid of catfish in the least. She uses a technique called “noodling” to catch them. When someone wants to use the technique all you have to do is stick your hand in a catfish hole and wait for them to bite your arm.

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