Monday , 19 November 2018


The REAL Tarzan

This gentleman is Mike Holston. He’s a straight up boss who has a job that everyone should be jealous of. Boasting the title of “Exotic Animal Specialist”, Mike gets to be around the most stunning animals the world has to offer. He shares his Irwin-Esque adventures on his Instagram and his YouTube Channel.

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Black Metal Cats

Since the Middle Ages cats have been associated with witchcraft and demons, kept by witches as familiars “those hellish imps that took the forms of animals to assist witches in their evil deeds”. Sounds pretty metal!

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It’s A Fact: Owls Are Pretty Badass

The owl has long been a symbol of wisdom. With that classic stoic face and their ability to move in the night without making a peep, these things are pretty damn wicked. Let’s dive into some facts about them. There are 220 species of owls in the world. Owls can turn their heads 135 degrees either way, giving them 270 …

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