Thursday , 20 September 2018


IKEA Just Fixed The Biggest Problem With IKEA Furniture

IKEA’s furniture has a reputation for being stylish and practical, but also immensely difficult to assemble. After several years of brainstorming and creating, they may have finally solved the problem, and now they’re introducing furniture that’s stronger and simpler than ever before. Their breakthrough was the innovation of the wedge dowel, a curved block that slides and locks into an …

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Mountain-Inspired Hotel Built From Shipping Containers 2200 Meters Above Sea Level In Georgia

The idea was inspired by the mountains that resemble a triangle, consisting of shipping containers, the hotel “Quadrum” is shaped like a pyramid. The architect Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi are the minds behind this extraordinary creation. Built in a minimalist style, the hotel seems to repeat the local terrain, cascading down the mountainside. The philosophy behind the project was …

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I want it, but do I need it?

Every day new and advanced technology and exciting things have been launching in world markets. Some of them are really interesting and unique. If you come across those amazing products, you will also love them and there will be an urge in you that will influence you to buy that thing. However, it is not necessary that what you will …

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Spanish Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home

When Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated cement factory in 1973, he immediately saw a world of possibilities. La fábrica was born, and almost 45 years later, the structure has been completely transformed into a spectacular and unique home. The factory, located just outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine that had closed down, and came with many repairs …

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The World’s First Colour-Changing Hair Dye Is Finally A Reality

Imagine that your hair turns fire engine red once a warm breeze touches your face, and when the AC is blasting, your hair looks as black as ravens. Sounds like magic, right? The good news is, it’s reality. The Unseen created world’s first colour-changing hair dye The hair dye called FIRE changes colour depending on the temperature of the surroundings …

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