UPDATE: Reykjavik Police Instagram Continues To Be Awesome

The Reykjavik police department, which went viral for its wonderful Instagram full of beautiful and interesting photos documenting their interactions with the locals, is still as popular and awesome as ever. From handsome and beautiful officers to actual serious police work, their Instagram gives a great account of what life is like as a cop in Reykjavik.

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Monster Teacups Filled With Creatures From The Deep

Even the ancient god of madness and despair known as Cthulhu can look adorable when he lives in the deep, dark depths of your teacup. Michael Palmer, an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, has a line of teacups that feature Cthulhu, octopuses and other strange creatures of the deep peeking out from cups of tea as dark as the depths …

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Girl Was Afraid To Wear Dress To Cinderella Movie

Jesse Nagy’s 4-year-old niece Izzy really wanted to dress up as a princess to go see Disney’s new Cinderella live action movie, but she was afraid that no one else would dress up. That’s when the tattooed and muscular 26-year-old actor decided to dress up as a princess to make sure that Izzy would feel fine going to the movie …

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10 Parents Share The Cause Of Their Kids’ Latest Meltdowns

Have you ever had the nerve to suggest your child eat a granola bar that’s broken in two? The Asshole Parents instagram account highlights the trials and tribulation of being one of those assholes. “She asked for Hairspray but I played the broadway soundtrack instead of the movie soundtrack so I’m an asshole.” “Meltdown because daddy won’t let me play …

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