Wednesday , 10 February 2016



Beijing Looks Like A Ghost Town

You would think that Beijing would be packed in the days leading up to Chinese New Year. But many people have left the city to go home to their families and the streets look unusually empty.

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Woman Gets Busted While Planning To Assassinate Her Husbands Ex-Wife

This woman was looking for someone to help her carry out an assassination attempt. The only problem was that she asked the wrong person. Tara Lambert, 33, has been found guilty of planning to assassinate her husbands ex-wife. Lambert gave an undercover police officer a $125 down payment for the assassination, but later insisted that she had been joking. A …

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China just released amazing photos from its first moon landing

China has released hundreds of photos to the public from their Chang’e 3 mission which landed on the Moon in 2013. Because Chinese website that housed the photos was a bit cumbersome and difficult to use, Emily Lakadawalla of the Planetary Society downloaded all of the photos and organized them in a user friendly format for us to view. Here …

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A Blind Man Became A Professional Surfer By Listening To The Ocean

Derek Rabelo’s father always dreamed he would become a surfer but Derek was born blind due to glaucoma. When Derek found out about his father’s dream he didn’t let his disability stop him. He started surfing at the age of 17 and now at 23 he’s a professional. Derek says that he learned to surf by listening to the waves. …

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A Look Inside The Arsenal Of A SS Veteran

A man and his wife recently went to visit some friends in Italy. They came in contact with the family of a man who served in the SS and they were able to look at his collection. The collection is like a moment frozen in time as it features many relics from an era that has long since passed.

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Mom Has An Important Message For Parents Everywhere

Brandie, from Lakeside, California recently did an experiment at home that involved her kids and technology. What she learned in the end is that she gets a lot more enjoyment from her family than she does from technology. Now she’s trying to help other people put their phones down and enjoy their lives. “Today I did an experiment, I watched …

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Nikola Tesla Changed The World With These Epic Inventions

During his time on Earth Nikola Tesla created many inventions that had a huge impact on the world as a whole. Here’s a quick look into the mind of the genius that was Nikola Tesla. Despite being largely disregarded during his life, history has been kind to Tesla and his groundbreaking creations. While we know about most of Tesla’s inventions, …

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Tourists In China Get The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Hangzhou Songcheng Park in China recently organized a sweepstakes where they picked 10 lucky tourists and had them stand in a box with five million yuan up for grabs. The tourists were allowed to keep whatever money they could get their hands on and it looks like they made out like bandits.

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