You Won’t Believe These Two Girls Are Twins

Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twin sisters from Gloucester, U.K. They were born to a Caucasian father, Vince and a half-Jamaican mother, Donna, which explains why they look so different. People very rarely believe it when they tell them, but Lucy and Maria are actually twins. Believe it or not, but these girls are twins! Here they are when they ...

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The Ice Hotel On Balea Lake, Romania

Romania is a country where everything is possible. In the heart of the Carpathians at a high altitude, we find the Hotel of Ice. It was the first of its kind in the Southeast Europe. Besides the comfort you hand in the hotel, you can enjoy the landscape with snowy mountains. The hotel has a bar, a restaurant, and next ...

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People Pay Ridiculous Amounts Of Money To Eat These Animal Byproducts

At this point we are all well aware of the gross things going on with fast food. We probably, similarly, know exactly where hot dogs come from. But maybe you’ll feel better about our fatty, middle class delicacies when you hear about the weird stuff the 1% is eating. Apparently some of the most expensive dishes of the world come ...

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The evolution of the space suit

Wiley Post Pressure Suit built by BF Goodrich in 1935. Wiley Post reach an altitude of 50,000 feet wearing this suit. It had an inner rubber bladder and rubberized outer layer. All modern pressure suits are based on the same principles as this design. 1935

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14 Surprising Facts About Caffeine

For many of us, coffee is our best friend. It’s there in our times of need, whether a cold weekday morning or during an all-nighter. Coffee is warm, reassuring and keeps up sharp. But do we really know what coffee is doing to our brains? Fortunately science can tell us! Did you know that scientists are the biggest coffee drinkers ...

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A Countryside Sliding Glass House

An escape from static architecture, the house gives its inhabitants endless options for living comfortably and freely during each season. There is even the option to extend the roofing system beyond its current length to cover a swimming pool if the owners want to add one down the line.

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