Monday , 22 October 2018


Giant Skull Made Out Of Britain’s Largest Pumpkin

These incredible pictures show Britain’s largest ever pumpkin turned into one of the world’s biggest jack o’ lanterns – weighing a whopping 2,000lbs. Expert carver Christian Russell, from Skelmanthorpe near Huddersfield, transformed the UK record pumpkin into a massive Halloween treat.

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The REAL Tarzan

This gentleman is Mike Holston. He’s a straight up boss who has a job that everyone should be jealous of. Boasting the title of “Exotic Animal Specialist”, Mike gets to be around the most stunning animals the world has to offer. He shares his Irwin-Esque adventures on his Instagram and his YouTube Channel.

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She Managed To Lose 32 Kilos

Dionne Mein, 23, was once a party girl, who used to destroy almost 5 liters of cider per night. But last October she decided to abstain from alcohol for a month to gather some money for charity. Results were shocking even for her, as she easily lost 3.2 kilos. Then she decided to stop drinking entirely and start working out, …

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Top Tricks of the Best Makeup Artists Which You Must Know!

Makeup artists, here are a few tricks that can position you immediately amongst the niche category. Well, becoming a makeup artist is an easy job but being consistently creative and learning different techniques to leave your clients awestruck can be quite a challenging thing. This is one of those fields which demands ingenuity on the go, and the ones with …

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