The strangest things astronauts have seen in space

NASA astronaut Story Musgrave claims to have seen eel-like tubes swim through space on two separate occasions. Most dismiss his claims and say he just saw space junk, but Musgrave stands by his story and says that the white eel had its own propulsion technique. Leroy Chiao was commander of the International Space Station in 2005, and while he was …

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This Guy From Los Angeles Loves Taking Pictures In Famous Movie Locations

Phil Grishaev has a very fun hobby. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and he likes to spend his free time taking pictures in famous movie locations. See if you recognize these spots from big Hollywood films. Back to the Future Grease Audrey Hepburn at Paramount Studios Michael Jackson “Thriller” The Mask Marilyn Monroe Liar Liar Back to the Future …

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Germany Creates A Special Spot For Lovers

Germany has solved one of the biggest problems in regards to prostitution. Men who solicit prostitutes often park on the side of the road which causes accidents, but some spots in Germany now have safe spaces where people can park and have their fun.

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World’s Buildings That Are Most Admired By Architects

Business Insider asked different architects to name one building which has had the greatest influence on building design, inspired them most, or which they find absolutely stunning. Here are the results. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece. “It’s the quintessential beautiful architectural form,” Tara Imani says. “The Corinthian columns, the use of entasis [a slight curve in columns] to make sure the …

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Grandfather doesn’t need Disneyland, builds own theme park for grandkids

Do long lines at amusement parks take the fun out of the experience? Steve Dobbs from Fullerton, California, heard such complaints from his grandkids on a recent visit to Disneyland. So, instead of promising to take his grandkids on a less busy day, the loving grandfather decided to bring the joy of an amusement park to them. Living so close …

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Family Finds A 200 Year Old Secret In Their Grandfather’s Attic

This incredible discovery just goes to show that it’s always worth looking around in old attics because you never know what kind of secrets a family member might have stashed away. A few weeks ago, the Lopez family decide to clean their grandfather’s attic. They expected to find some memories of the past, but they couldn’t have bargained for what …

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