Thursday , 27 October 2016



Paranormal Stories That Are Beyond Creepy

Sometimes the truth is much stranger, and creepier than fiction. Terry Cottle: Terry Cottle killed himself by shooting himself in the head with a .22. As an organ donor, a 57-year-old man named Sonny Graham was the lucky receiver of Cottle’s heart. Sonny wanted to meet Terry’s wife after receiving the heart to offer his condolences and gratitude, and when …

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Chinese Villagers Finally Get A Steel Ladder To Make Climbing Safer

In Zhaojue County in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, at the top of a 2,624-foot-tall peak in west China there is a village. The village is home to many people, but when the kids have to go to school they must travel across treacherous grounds and climb unsecured vine ladders. After years of making the dangerous journey the villagers …

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It’s Time For a Little Motivation

Don’t we all have some kind of goals in our life that we desire to achieve someday? Not we alone, in fact, every human being out there do have some goals in their life. Life becomes meaningless when you no longer have that desire to achieve things. However, achieving things in our life need some kind of motivation and if …

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Helpful Design Features You Probably Never Noticed On Everyday Items

You’ve probably been using these everyday items for a while, but you’ve also probably been missing out on some of their most important features. The Serrated Scribing Tool. When using measuring tape, If you don’t have a way to mark the placement of your item, you can use the serrated edge to your advantage. Just press it down and scratch …

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Pictures That Will Make Every Food Lover Hungry

Most of us love to eat food that are heavily loaded with mouth-watering elements. If you’re a food lover like me, then these delicious food pictures are going to make your stomach roar like a hungry lion. No matter your stomach is full or empty, still, an urge of having them will build inside you just by looking at these …

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