A small story about Teddy Roosevelt which captures his grit in a nutshell

It’s common knowledge that Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most hardcore, rough-riding badasses to ever grace the Oval Office. We could easily make a bulleted (no pun intended) and easily digestible list of all the insane things he’s accomplished, but it’s not necessary. You really only need to hear one story to drive the point home. You see, during …

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Bullet through the Knee…meet this bad-a**-m-f*cken’ Chiver

A few years ago, a Chiver named Derek Weida, sent me an e-mail/photos so, I put together a post on him from his first e-mail: “Hey Y’all. I’m just a fan, have been from the early days. I took a bullet in Iraq in 2007, side-to-side through my right knee. I’m just one of those kinds of guys that naturally …

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It’s cold enough in Minnesota to freeze ghosts

Tom Grotting of Minneapolis has found a way to bring a little humor to winter. He soaks jeans in water then sculpts them as they freeze outside. Tom claims he mostly does it for his neighbor, Diane and says, ‘The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.’

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Fitbit captures the exact moment this guy was broken up with

Koby Soto was having a tougher day than most, and he has the data to prove it. His S.O. of one month decided to end things rather quickly and Soto didn’t take the news lightly. He knew it was a traumatic experience, but he learned even more when he checked his Fitbit later that day. The data revealed that when …

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The awesome magazine art inside of Fallout 4

Inside the far reaches of the Bostonian Wasteland are hundreds of magazines to pickup that improve the player skills. They are pretty much throw away items once picked up but each one of them has their own unique cover art and style. Let them not go unappreciated.

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