Hot Rod Races In The Australian Desert

The photographer who took these photos recently went on a trip to watch the hot rod races in the Australian Desert. We’re not sure how anyone survived the heat but it looks like they’re having fun.

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10 Days Of Extreme Weather Turn A Mountain Into Sheer Ice

Slovenian photographer Marko Korošec set out to Mount Javornik during a period of extreme weather. The pictures he captured are unlike anything else ever seen on Earth. “I love extreme weather and seen a lot, but this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week” says Korošec.

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Indonesian Authorities Warn Fishermen

Indonesia has a big problem when it comes to people fishing without a license. They’ve made it well known that they don’t want poachers working in their waters. They recently blew up a boat to send a message to other fishermen.

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This Purse Is Actually A Gun

This small box can be used as a purse and it’s perfect for anyone that needs to hide a weapon. The box can be used as a gun but you would never know from looking at the outside.

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Homeless Man Gave Woman His Last £3 And She Repaid The Favor

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was just trying to get home when she realized she had no money for a taxi. A homeless man then gave her all the money he had. She didn’t take the kind gesture lightly. She setup a crowd funding page for the man and it looks like he’s got a whole lot of money coming his way.

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