Tuesday , 9 February 2016



Strange But True Medical Issues Humans Have Had With Their Sexual Organs

If you’ve think you’ve got it bad when it comes to your sex life, just be happy you don’t have two penises or two vaginas. A 37-year-old British man (who goes by ‘Rob’) was shocked when doctors told him he had fully-functioning female reproductive organs. While Rob had normal male genitalia, he also has a uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian …

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Guy Vacuum Seals His Steak For The First Time

There’s a popular cooking method among chefs called “sous vide” which translates to “under vacuum.” Chefs have been using this method for ages to maintain the nutrients and juices in their meat. Now that a vacuum sealing machines can easily be used at home you can do the same thing and enjoy delicious steak fresh off the grill. I’m not …

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