How those delicious Candy Canes are made

Ever wonder how those wonderful minty striped Christmas treats were made? First they mix sugar, water, and corn syrup together and heat it until it’s a beatiful mush. Then they add some crushed peppermint into the mix and fold. They put it into a pneumatic folder to increase the spread. The move the dough into a mixer. And that stretches …

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Abandoned Army Tanks That Have Become A Part Of Nature

All over the world you can find abandoned army tanks that were left behind from wars of the past. These machines were once built for destruction, but now they look quite beautiful as they’ve become part of the scenery now that they’ve embraced by mother nature.

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This Coffee Gives Stray Dogs A Safe Place To Sleep

In Greece there’s a coffee shop named Hott Spott in Mytilene, Lesbos, that serves people during the day but helps out dogs at night. Every night when the customers leave the owners let in a pack of stray dogs and let them sleep in a safe environment. The shop has been doing this since July and the dogs love it. …

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18 Ads From 1915 That Prove We’ve Come A Long Way In 100 Years

It was a big year for WTF, apparently. Looking at you, Kellogg’s. 1. This dead-eyed Kellogg’s kid who has been haunting nightmares for the last century. I’m so sorry, J.C. Leyendecker, you’re my illustration hero, but like, no. 2. This ad that urges boys to grow mushrooms in discreet places for money, for some reason. Seems legit. 3. This story …

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Sex Symbols from Over the Last Century

Before the turn of the 20th Century, this is what was considered a sex symbol. Things have changed a little since then. Evelyn Nesbit (1900s). Theda Bara (most famous for her role as Cleopatra) was the movie sex symbol of the 1910s. Pola Negri was a Polish born actress (1920s). Marlene Dietrich was a German actress and singer (1930s). You …

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The top 10 ‘What is…’ Google searches of 2015

10 – What is Listeria? 9 – What is a blue moon? 8 – What is Red Nose Day? 7 – What is ISIS? 6 – What is Ebola? 5 – What is a lunar eclipse? 4 – What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge? 3 – What is a buckeye? 2 – What is Ashely Madison? 1- What is 0 …

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Man’s last Waltz on the Moon

On July 20th of 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the mother-fing-Moon. That be a distance of 238,900 miles from Earth. so, why the post today?   December 14th of 1972 was the last man to walk on that beautiful object that we look at in the night sky. Apollo 17 was the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program with a …

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Looking Back On The Worst Trends That Became Popular In 2015

Every year has terrible trends that become popular, but 2015 was literally the worst. 2015 is nearly over, and let’s be honest, looking as the world as a whole, this year has been quite depressing. As we prepare to welcome in 2016, Trump is dominating the election, the Syrian refugee crisis is continuing to escalate and the world is at …

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