Friday , 23 February 2018


Very Interesting Photos

The boundary between Scottsdale, AZ and the Salt River Indian Reservation A literacy test given to black voters in the 1960s Los Angeles Urban Search and Rescue team on their way to help in Mexico City This is “Frida”, she has saved 52 people so far in Mexico’s Earthquake Indigenous Brazilian Guajajara Woman Ravens and Jaguars players locked arms while …

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Behold the power of naps with these interesting stats

A 6-minute nap can improve alertness for up to 10 hours. NASA found that that military pilots and astronauts who took a 40-minute nap had improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. In a study by the National Sleep Foundation, they found that 74% of women get less sleep a night than men. National Napping Day became an unofficial …

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Nature doesn’t always conform to the status quo. No, Sir.

Sometimes wrapping your head around nature is a tricky thing to comprehend. Below are strange happenings that somehow occurred in nature. Take for instance this branch that did not permit the flower permission to blossom. Indeed, birds of a feather really do flock together. Life found a way in this discarded bottle. This river rapids whipped up its own version …

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Ridiculously expensive products nobody wants

The ingredients of this luxury popcorn include only the finest ingredients shipped from all over the place: sugar from Vermont, the most expensive salt from Denmark, and select butter and vanilla. Haute Couture Condoms — $279 The brandname is the only thing that makes these condoms so pricey. Haute Couture Condoms — $279 The brandname is the only thing that …

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Children Reveal Why Their Parents Think They’re Constantly Getting Scam

You know you’re getting old when you start assuming everyone is out trying to get you. Good news is that I’m not the only one. These parents swear they are getting scammed by everyone from the electric company to If you’ve caught your parents complaining about being scammed, let us know what they get fired up about in the …

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