Fisherman Hides Massive 34kg Pearl For Ten Years

An unnamed fisherman found this 34kg pearl worth $100 million ten years ago and he kept it under his bed as a good luck charm. The man had no clue that his pearl was worth. When his house burned down earlier this year a Filipino tourist officer saw the pearl and he was stunned. It’s said that the pearl could …

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Poisonous, Venomous, & not to be f**ked with

Puffer Fish There is no antidote to their toxins, and a single fish can kill up to 30 adult humans. Their skin, muscle tissue, liver, and gonads contain tetrodotoxin, which is nearly 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Poison Dart Frog The toxins that these beautiful looking frogs release can kill up to 10 men per frog. Keep in mind, …

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Worst Letter Spacing Fails That Could Break Your Business

We all often fail at something, especially when it comes to spelling or grammar. However, there are even people who fail in language, although they make no mistake in the spelling or their grammar. All they did wrong was not caring much about the letter spacing. If you don’t know its importance, then you are most probably gonna end up …

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Interesting Facts For Your Brain To Boost Your Knowledge

We all love reading interesting stuff in our free time, don’t we? What do you love to read the most? Are you among those million people who search for interesting facts on the internet to kill some boring hours? If then don’t worry, because here we have got a collection of interesting facts that will give you yet another boost …

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