Margot Robbie, Emma Roberts, And Kate Hudson In Hot Bikinis

10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Female Athletes – Linkiest He Started Signaling His Crew To Adjust The Stage Lights. Now Watch What The Crowd Starts Doing – Slip Talk Girls with Tattoos Are Pretty Damn Sexy – Bro My God The No. 1 sign it’s time to quit your job – Business Insider Guess That Ass – Friday Gif Edition …

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Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck In A Terrible Spot

A poor cat from a small town in Massachusetts got his head stuck in a sewer grate and he needed a little assistance getting out. The local firefighters were more than happy to answer the call and they made sure that the cat was safely returned home.

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Historical figures that had a little ink on them

Winston Churchill. Winston sported the classic anchor on his forearm. Czar Nicholas II. Nicholas went on a trip to Japan in 1891. Not only did he survive an assassination attempt, he got a dragon tattoo’d on his right arm.   Thomas Edison. Thomas came up with the electric pen, which eventually turned into a tattoo gun. So it’s only right …

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What is the most searched Pokemon Go character in your state?

With just under 21 million daily users, Pokemon Go is officially the biggest mobile game in US history. With the masses trying to catch them all, people have been turning to Google to help locate specific Pokemon. The website Decluttr decided they’d dive into the numbers and see what states are searching for the most, with regard to specific Pokemon …

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Animal Cuteness

You may consider yourself the toughest guy on the block but one thing’s for sure: You’re never too tough for cute animals.

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Tricky Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

Sometimes you just can’t believe what you have seen that makes you look twice to understand it. I believe these pictures are worth ten thousand words each. These misleading pictures will make you say WTF as every one of them are taken in a way that misleads our viewpoint. These tricky pictures are guaranteed to make you look twice.

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Hilarious Drunk Moments Of People Caught On Camera

Have you ever tested out the level of craziness in you? People sometimes have to be wasted in order to see them extremely funny and to see how they could extend their limit of craziness. But unfortunately, they won’t come to know any of that craziness until their photos appear online, which was due to their complete failure in stopping …

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People Who’ve Seriously Nailed It While Being Perfect

Doing things perfectly is not at all a bad thing, but in the name of perfection, ruining things out is pretty worse. Below are the best examples of such people who wanted to do things nearly perfect, but had seriously nailed it. Most often, the internet floats with many miserable fails, but this time, here are some pictures that show …

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