Friday , 18 April 2014

The Craziest Mike Tyson Quotes Of All Time

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  1. Boxing has been boring to me since Mike Tyson is no longer fighting… You need this kind of crazy to make it interesting.

  2. Mike Tyson is a fak’n fagot.

  3. Just absurd.. #12 might be my alltime favorite

  4. you make this jokes bcz he’s moslem. like MJ before, there’s a rumor he moved to islam, and everyone make fun of him.
    dont be stupid that i’ll believe this was came out from his mouth

  5. I remember years ago reading an article in USA Today where Tyson received an honorary doctorate in Humanities from some college

  6. I disappointed that “I’ll fuck you til you love me faggot!” isn’t here.

  7. OMG Many of these posts comments dont make sense?! Give the guy a break and prevent posting crap

  8. yo what the fuck man those wer hilarious but pretty harsh at times , not really cool sorta

  9. Mike Tyson is a pussy

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