10 Cool Products To Buy This Thursday

This American-made bedside gun safe is the gold standard for all pistol box safes. With a 10-gauge steel body and an ultra-reliable Simplex lock, few safes can even compete

Awesome beard and mustache trimmer that has 20 settings to perfect your look

If you have multiple gaming consoles, this HDMI switch is a life saver! With a single click, you will be able to cycle through two different devices without having to unplug ANYTHING

Please do not use dish soap to wash your car, it will strip the protective wax layer off. Use this instead

If you eat a lot of ramen, this nifty contraption cuts the cooking time of ramen by 70 percent! Just pop it into the microwave for a couple minutes and voila!

Arguably the Hardest Bike Lock Made. This lock has the very highest protection level you will find, and one of few locks NYC bike messengers will use. The steel on here is thick, with layers of superb case hardening

Best Cat Window Bed EVER. Super easy to install and your cat will love lounging in it, while looking out the window

If you struggle to take a crap everyday, add this to your diet. It gives you a boost of energy and keeps you regular

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Design Ever Conceived….how come we dont have this in every bathroom??

Awesome shampoo for helping you thicken and strenghthen your thinning hair

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