19 Video Games That Were Big Disappointments

Banjo Kazooie, Nuts N Bolts. By far, the game that made me realize that Rare wasn’t Rareware anymore.


The Last of Us 2. I hated every moment of the story and every character in it.


Cod WW2. Was expecting something akin to WaW but what a heap of shit it was.


Far Cry 6 was pretty disappointing to me.


I remember being super Let down by legend of Zelda majoras mask.


Final Fantasy XIII. It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a game and it was so bland and linear, with terrible combat for the first 20+ hours and completely forgettable characters. So far from what I’d been hoping for.


I just booted up Cyberpunk for the first time since playing at launch on my Series X. Downloaded the 21GB update that includes all the patches since launch.

Jumped into a mission and am unable to fire or draw any weapons.

This game is a top to bottom mess and utter disappointment. I’ll never buy another CD Projekt Red game just like I’ve never bought another Gearbox game after A:CM.


Halo 5.

I mean. What the hell happened in that game? The gameplay, proper fun. The story was just such a let down. And major plot happening while you busy trying to not die means I can’t remember shit even after playing it 5 times.

All I remember is they made a great character bad for no reason and put on of the greatest gaming franchises ever into total disarray. I am literally praying for Halo Infinite to hit the marks because Halo 100% needs a fix.

Battlefield 2042. The design was just horrible. No wonder everyone stopped playing.

The Lion King game when I saved up to rent it.


Fallout 76. This game just didn’t hold up after NV and Fallout 4. Way too buggy at launch and just not enjoyable.

Battlefront. I fucking love Star Wars but goddamn the game was $60 on release with no content and then they added like 3 expansions each costing $20. So to play the full game you had to pay $120 for content that should have been available on release or free expansions.


Duke Nukem Forever. I didn’t have high expectations but what a piece of trash that was.

Just Cause 4. I’ve played worse games but man, JC4 was just so disappointing to me.

Just cause 3 was such a stupid, over-the-top fun game. It was a joy to play through. JC4 is just devoid of charm and so many design choices were just utterly terrible.


If I could unplay Mafia 3, I would. Such a solid concept but the execution was crap.


The concept was so cool, the original promise was intriguing, and all the little hints of the game and gameplay seemed like an amazing open world Kung Fu panda meets fallout.

What we got was a beautiful and wacky piece of stale toast. Empty world, weak story, glitchy, full of hand holding and problems that made it feel like early access vs. a $60 full release.

I try it every now and then, hoping the developers will turn this into an actual game and pull a NMS, but the only updates they make are language packs.


X-men for the NES.


Dead Space 3. It’s not just that the game was overall pretty forgettable and more of a third person action shooter with aliens in it. Or the gameplay unbalancing around the create-the-weapons.

The sheer number of microtransactions for a game that takes like what six hours, the tacky co op that was only utilized well at most two times in the game on side missions, the game still not meeting EA’s incredibly dumb high demand for sales (match Battlefield numbers or you’re cancelled), the devs being forced to change a ton of the theming because of execs, and effectively killing the company. It still can be an enjoyable game on its own merit but all the circumstances around it just beat it to death.



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