11 Crazy Funny Stories And Things About Sex Dolls

Let us just put it out there: a lot of people have hilarious and slap-knee stories about sex dolls. It makes you think how can they even come up with such ridiculous ideas about disposing of their sex dolls right on the trash – all naked – or just left them on the sidewalk. Imagine how fun and silly for them to come up with this kind of stuff! Well, you better read on to satiate your interest in hilarious stories and things all related to sex dolls. And, thanks to Reddit for compiling all of these ridiculous tales of sex dolls!

Disposing  Sex Doll at 3 AM, The gas station perfect place to throw away you’re sex doll !

Marrying a SexDollPartner, Great Idea!

“Dutch Wives” Are What People in Japan Called to Sex Dolls

In Japan, people called sex dolls “Dutch Wives”. Well, it may certainly pique your curiosity. Looking back at the time when Dutch sailors happened to trade with Japanese sailors, these Japanese voyagers came to love the term “Dutch Wives.” Some of the first sex dolls were invented by the Dutch sailors to help them satiate their sexual needs and desires while out in the open seas for months. Dutch sailors fashioned those sex dolls out of leather exchanged these with the Japanese sailors, and later on, people in Japan renamed sex doll for men as “Dutch Wives.”

If you don’t wanna drive alone but can’t choose ‘(w)’ in your sex doll model order from China


You know you’re in a MAGA cult when your sex doll looks like Trump.

Totally normal to bring your sex doll to the zoo.

If you focus you will find TPE sex doll and masturbator

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