24 Awesome Things People Spotted Around The World

“This door knocker is a hand holding an apple.”

“My tortoise has a paw print on the bottom of his foot”

“These sinks at a creation science museum.”

“This letter that’s just been delivered 25 years late.”

“This extra swirly peppermint candy.”

“Roadrunner in line at local food truck.”

“This bathroom key came on a whisk.”

“My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature.”

“The lights outside my local pharmacy are shaped like syringes.”

“My local pizzeria has a glaring typo on all their boxes.”

“This 100-year-old perfume bottle that glows under blacklight.”

“Flew on a new Delta plane, and they put a window in the lavatory.”

“I was sorting my change and found 2 Pennies that are 100 years apart, 1920-2020.”

“These sunglasses make the TV screen look like they’re not on.”

“These antique cookie cutters that feature an axe and what appears to be a burning cottage.”

“What ever company made this banana peel wet floor sign. You are awesome!”

“Nature doesn’t care about boundaries”

“My friend’s mom wrote instructions for him on how to get Doom running when he was 12 years old.”

“One of my receipt printers at work has printed 21Km of receipts.”

“An old barn near me got converted into a McDonald’s”

“The view from the bathroom on my cruise ship last week!”

“My fiance doodling candy canes.”

“My orange has a gradient.”

“Someone in my building left refreshments out for delivery drivers during the holidays.”

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