11 Tips That Can Make Some Things Much Easier

“Before getting a tattoo, make it your wallpaper first for at least a month. You can assess how you feel about it over time.”

“Found a lost iPhone? Pull up the passcode lock screen, hit ‘emergency,’ and then the ‘medical ID’ option. If the owner has input any info, it will be there.”

“Most modern microwaves have a mute function that activates by holding start for 3 seconds.”

“If you already have a dog and are planning on getting another, introduce them by immediately walking them together the first time they meet. The distraction of the walk keeps them from possibly getting hostile and gives them time relax and adjust to another dog, during a fun activity for them.”

“If you’re staying at a hotel & you get a call from the front desk asking for your card information — hang up the phone & walk to the lobby to handle it in person. The phone call may be a scam.”

“If you cook or steam food on the stove and don’t feel like cleaning up immediately, leave the lid on the pot. It will prevent everything from drying out and make it much easier to clean the next day.”

“When you buy a basil (or another herb) plant, you’re actually buying 5 or 6 plants clumped together, designed to outcompete each other and die. Split these plants up into separate pots so they have a better chance for survival (and you’ll have more basil).”

“Before painting a room or a house, find a company or organization whose logo or advertising you like and find their “brand standards.” They’ve already done their research about what colors look good together.”

“Leave a note with the wrong PIN-Code for your debit card in your wallet.”

“If you’re too shy to make eye contact with someone, just look at their nose instead of their eyes. They won’t feel any difference.”

“After touching garlic, hold your fingers on a knife underwater to get the smell off.”

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  1. Hmm, how would it help to keep a note with a wrong PIN? How is that better than not giving any clue about the PIN? I suppose a thief might try it 2 or 3 times before realizing it’s fake. (He might realize its fake or just suppose that you changed your PIN since you wrote it down, or that its the PIN for some other card, or whatever. Doesn’t matter.) But how is the thief then any worse off than if you didn’t give a wrong PIN?

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