This Caravan Listing Went Viral for Being Extremely Honest

The seller also attached these photos to complete the big picture

“It’s 32 feet by 10 feet, 2 bed static”

“I’d love to say it’s f@#king beautiful, but I’d be lying”

“I’d love to say I loved living in it, but I’d be lying”

“I’d love to say I’d look forward to a caravan holiday, but guess what…? I’d be lying”

“The caravan comes with a few “extras”, including a couple of old shoes in the wardrobe, abstract art “courtesy of the children” and old bottles of booze under the sink”

“Pretty sure there’s even a slow cooker that was only used once?”

The woman said the caravan has a “s@#t oven”, a “s@#t hob” and a “s@#t fridge”, but does boast a “pretty decent microwave, albeit a cheap Morrisons one”

She added that the best have been “destroyed” but she couldn’t be bothered to remove them

Here’s what people have been saying about the caravan and its ad

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