13 Amazing Lifehacks For Your Car

Use toothpaste to clean the headlights.

Toothpaste is good for the teeth because it has abrasive particles that can also help a lot with the dirt on headlights. Put tape on the area around the light in order not to damage the paint. Do the same thing you do with the mirror and the windshield — put a little bit of the paste on a sponge and wipe the lights in circular motions.

Pumice for animal fur

If you like taking your pets out for walks, you know how much fur is usually leftover on the floor and the seats. You can’t go to the dry cleaners every day, but a piece of pumice can really help. Rub the pumice on the fabric in one direction and then the opposite way.

Band-Aids for cracks on the glass

You must’ve heard that a life hack for girls’ tights to stop them from tearing is to put some nail polish on them, as this can prolong their life. This, however, doesn’t help with the repair of a windshield, and it might only make fixing it more difficult or even impossible. To really help your car, put a Band-Aid on the crack. It’s a temporary measure, but a good one.

Oil for cleaning the dashboard

Put some olive oil on a piece of cloth and rub it on the dashboard. It will shine as if you’ve just bought your car. It’s hard to believe that you don’t need any special cleaning products, just something you already have in the kitchen.

Prepare the windshield wipers.

Your windshield wipers need some special preparation — put some window cleaner on a piece of cloth and wash the wipers with it. You will notice the results when you travel in snowy or rainy weather. And to prevent them from screeching, put some silicone spray on the moving parts, and the wipers will work silently. Another interesting hack is putting socks on the wipers at night to prevent them from freezing.

If it’s going to be cold tomorrow, prepare the car in advance.

While your neighbor may be running around the car in the morning, trying to crack the ice on the windshield, you’ll just have to remove a few snowflakes and will be ready to go. And all this is thanks to our life hack — spraying the windshield with a solution of vinegar. Mix 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water into a spray bottle.

Slime for picking up debris and dust from small spaces

If you don’t want to vacuum all the small pieces and dust, just take the slime and put it into the tightest corners. It will attract all the trash, then you can wash the slime and return it to your children.

A tablet holder for mere pennies

If you forget your tablet holder and your kids want to watch another episode of their favorite cartoon, you can take a clear pocket from a binder, put a few holes in it, place the tablet inside, and attach it to the seat. It doesn’t look that great, but it works as a temporary solution.

Backing soda to help with unpleasant smells

Baking soda is universal. Together with water, it can clean the stains. And if you spray it on the seats, it will also remove the unpleasant smells. It takes around 15 minutes to work. If the smell is very strong, just put some baking soda in a bowl and leave it inside the car for some time. Remember that baking soda should not be used on leather.

Making the window go up and down quickly

If the glass makes a screeching sound, it needs to be washed. Well, not the glass, but rather, the tracks it’s on, as they’re probably very dirty. You can wash them with a cloth and soapy water. Also, you can spray some silicone on them.

Fabric softener instead of windshield washer fluid

It’s way more effective than windshield washer fluid because the glass is covered with an invisible film and the dirt just slides down it. In dry weather, the dust won’t stick to it. The recipe is simple: around 50 ml of softener with 4 liters of distilled water. Mix it and pour it inside the car system or spray it directly on the windows.

Use a clip as a phone holder.

Why buy something if you can do it yourself? An ordinary clip can be attached to the deflector, and the iron edges can be curved inside to be able to hold a phone. Use a rubber band and tape in order not to scratch your phone.

Use Velcro to prevent the mats from sliding.

It’s very annoying when mats keep sliding under your feet. Buy some Velcro for clothes, turn the mat over, and glue it down. After the glue solidifies, put the mat back and do whatever you want, and the mat will remain in place.

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