20+ Flight Attendant Shares Her Favorite Travel Advice

“Use This Little Baggie For Ice For The Remote. It’s The Nastiest Thing In The Hotel Room”

“Also, The Liquid On The Lavatory Floor Is Not Water, So Beware”

“Always Double-Check If The Bottled Water Is Free”

“Always Use Both Locks. If You Forget To Put Your ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign On, The Bottom One Will Keep Housekeeping From Coming In”

“Most Hotels Offer Free Shower Caps. If You’re Not Going To Use Them For Showering, Use Them For Your Shoes”

“It will help you protect your clothing from anything dirty you might have on the bottom”

“For Makeup And Cream Products, Go To Your Local Makeup Store And Ask For Sample Sizes Of Your Favorites”

“At Sephora, for example, they always give free samples. Or you can use little sample sizes of your favorite stuff and just refill them every time you go traveling”

“Don’t Use The Coffee Makers”

“Prepare For The Security Checks By Wearing Easily Removable Shoes, Putting Liquids In A Ziplock Bag, And Separating The Electronics”

“Please wear socks! And take everything out of your pockets and place the items in your bag.

As far as liquids and creams go, put anything you might need like makeup, shampoo, lotion, conditioner in no bigger than a 4-ounce bottle and put all of those in a 1-quart clear Ziploc bag.

Keep your electronics separate, because they’ll most likely have you take them out of your bag during security”

“Fear Of Flying? It’s Okay, Lots Of People Have It. Get To The Airport Early, Listen To Your Favorite Music, And Breathe”

“If it’s really that bad, make sure to communicate with the flight attendants and let them know, they’ll try to check on you every once in a while. You can get a certified emotional support animal, you can also consult a doctor.

Also, turbulence is the worst during summer and winter, so avoid travelling then if possible”

“Do Use The Coffee Sugar Packet. Mix It In With Your Face Wash And Exfoliate Away”

“Yaima’s videos have gone viral multiple times, and it’s easy to see why. Let us know your thoughts, as well as any tips you have, in the comments below!”

“One Of The Best Ways To Fit Your Clothing In Your Bag Is To Roll Everything”

“Do Check For Bed Bugs. During The Day, They’re Usually Against The Headboard Or In Between The Mattress Seams”

“Bring An Empty Reusable Water Bottle With You And Refill It At The Airport”

“This Way, You Don’t Have To Wait For The Flight Attendants To Serve You”

“Use Hotel Laundry Bags To Separate Your Dirty Laundry In Your Luggage”

“Many Are Scared Of Turbulence, But If Flight Attendants Aren’t Freaking Out, You Shouldn’t Be Freaking Out Either”

“I’m not a scientist but turbulence is simply changes in air. The changes can be caused by mountains, changes in temperature and storms.

Out of my years of flying, I’ve never experienced severe turbulence because pilots know where it is most of the time. Not only do they know where it is, but planes also talk to each other.

So if there is a pocket of unexpected turbulence, the planes in front of you will radio either air traffic control or the planes behind them and let them know they might want to change their altitude or go left or right”

“Not Going To Use The Toiletries? Shelters Will Gladly Take Them As A Donation”

source: www.tiktok.com

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