13 Animal Crossings Show Where Animals Are Actually Respected

Crab Bridge (Christmas Island, Australia)

Every year, millions of red crabs make their annual migration across Christmas Island down to the ocean. This bridge helps them cross safely and is a cool way for tourists to watch the little critters make their journey.

Grizzly Bear Underpass (Banff National Park, Canada)

The underpass provides safe passage for Canadian wildlife to cross under the Trans-Canada Highway.

Blue Penguin Underpass (Oamaru, New Zealand)

The underground tunnel allows the little blue penguins to safely waddle from the harbor to their nests.

Hume Highway Rope Bridges (Victoria, Australia)

The rope bridges help multiple species cross the over the four lane highway safely.

Turtle Tunnels (Japanese Railway Company)

The railroads in Japan are a serious hazard for turtles trying to cross the tracks. The installation of these little turtle tunnels have made a huge difference.

Salamander Tunnels (North Amherst, Massachusetts)

Hundreds of spotted salamanders emerge from underground each spring and must cross a busy street to get to their mating site. These tiny underpasses allow the critters to get there without being crushed.

Elephant Underpass (Mount Kenya)

Along with providing a safe place to cross, the corridor has reunited two distinct elephant populations that were previously separated by manmade development.

Wildlife Overpasses (Alberta, Canada)

There’s clearly a lot of wildlife that utilize the overpasses in Canada.

Toad Hollow (Davis, California)

Toad Hollow was created to save toads that were crossing a busy California road. There are also a few little houses next to the tunnel that mark the spot.

Nutty Narrows Bridge (Longview, Washington)

The owner of a construction contracting firm decided to build the bridge after seeing loads of squirrel fatalities on the streets outside his office. It has now been a landmark in the town for over 50 years.

Amphibian Crossings (California)

These underground tunnels provide a safe route for amphibians to cross under highways across the state of California.

Bee Highway (Oslo, Norway)

The world’s first bee highway was designed to help support bees in city environments. Complete with green roofs and flowers, the ‘highway’ is filled with bee habitats on building roofs along the route.

Monkey Bridge (Bahia, Brazil)

This suspended bridge allows monkeys and other animals to safely cross the road.

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