14 Christmas Nostalgia Photos

“Here’s a thing I invented today.”

“The 2-year-old kept taking mommy’s phone for the poppy thing on the back, so I 3D-printed him a phone and stuck one on.”

“I told my wife to start putting dates on milk bags.”

“So what did you guys have for lunch? Here’s mine.”

“When your kid has the day off but you don’t.”

“I bought my wife a gift…”

“Anyone preparing some April Fools’ pranks?”

“I’d say year 1 was a success.”

“Dad joke: you should have seen the look on my wife’s face when I told her this cheese was made backward.”

“Just over-engineering the baby gate…”

“Our Halloween costume this year”

“I got sick of buying batteries every few weeks.”

“I was nervous and a little bit down about my vasectomy today. My wonderful wife lightened the mood.”

“Dad hack: Kid only eats half a banana? Cut the peel and save the other half.”


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