40 Cool And Awesome Photos

“Opened Up A Lighter And There Was Just Another Lighter Inside”

“A Line Of Campus Bots Following Me At My College”

“Official 10 Code Cup I’ve Had Since I Was A Kid”

“Hotel In Jordan, No Bible In The Nightstand, But A Sticker Telling You Which Direction To Pray”

“This Traffic Light In Germany Has A Little Girl And A Camel As Signal Lights”‘

“2,600 Year Old Fur-Lined Leather Coat”

“This Football I Found In An Old Archive States It Was Made Without The Use Of Child Labor”

“My New House Has A Little Moving Staircase That Leads To The Washer/Dryer”

“These Cups Have Chips Under Them To Prevent Refills”

“This drive-thru in Canada has their debit card machine attached to a hockey stick.”

“A Nike sewing error on a $100 hoodie”

“My cat cries when I cut onions”

“These carrots that grew around eachother at the farm I work at.”

“My Pizza Hut started giving out shakers instead of packets with our order.”

“The graphic design of my grandmas 70s microwaving book is very dramatic.”

“This is the capsule some cigarettes had in the filter that would let you turn it menthol if you squeezed it.”

“My wife has a tiny spatula to get the last bit of lotion out of the container.”

“The nutmeg I used today expired in 1996”

“This cafe in the center of Moscow fines you for every non-English word.”

“My father put tiny molding on the pet door.”

“This is what it looks like when Qatar cancels your visa and deports you”

“My beer can has a monster energy tab.”

“Message in a Bottle I found floating off of Solomons Island, MD”

“The ample amount of lettuce used to wrap my burger when I request no bun at Carls Jr.”

“This Ambulance Has Stork Decals, One For Each Of The Babies Born In The Back”

“This Gravestone Is Shared By Twin Sisters: One Lived For Just Two Days, The Other For 101 Years”

“Interesting Reflection Caught On The Colorado River In Austin, Texas. Almost Looks Like An Underwater City”

“The Embers Of My Bonfire Look Like The Eye Of Sauron”

“A Stack Of Cups That You Can Turn To Indicate When Coffee Was Brewed”

“A Long Exposure Shot On My Phone Made This Ghost Train”

“My Eggplant Has A Laser Marking Instead Of A Physical Sticker To Show It’s Organic”

“A Lonely Remora Attached To My Leg While I Was Snorkeling”

“Gorilla Glue Completely Dried Before We Used Any Of It. Cut It Out Of The Bottle”

“My Dirty Coffee Cup Looks Like A Pine Forest”

“All The Trash I Found In 25 Square Feet Of My Forest”

“Found This Cat Wandering Around Lowes (Big Box Home Improvement Store)”

“I’m Staying In A Scottish Village Called Dull. It’s Paired With Boring, Oregon”

“Tributes Left At The Grave Of John Bonham (LED Zeppelin Drummer)”

“Clearing Out My Recently Deceased Grandfather’s Attic And Found Just Over 200 Grams Of Gold Powder”

“Opened A Roll Of Pennies And Found A 1908 Indian Head Penny”

“Logo On A Chair Has A Small Chair Hidden In It”

“The Shadow From This Plant Makes It Look Like There’s A Decal On My Friend’s Car”

“My Dog Left A Perfect Snoot Print On My Dress”

“This Seafood Place Called Nordsee Puts Their Ketchup In A Waffle Cone”

“Report Card From My Great-Grandfather In 1926”

“I Added A Different Kind Of Soap To This Near-Empty Bottle, And The Original Soap Rose To Form These Little Mushroom Things”

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