14 Old Things That Have Stood The Test Of Time

“My son is the 4th generation to use this machine. Spending quality father-son time teaching him how to sew.”

“My son with my Tonka hook and ladder. 35 years and going strong.”

“I always thought this would be a cute photo to recreate!”

“My son wearing my old toddler Levi’s jacket after 29 years of storage.”

“My 40-year-old Legos used by my daughter.”

“It’s all I wanted for my 60th birthday.”

“This LL Bean backpack was mine when I was a toddler, 32 years later, and my daughter is now using it.”

“I recreated a photo my sister took of me 32 years ago.”

“3 generations of my family have now slept in this crib. My mother originally purchased it back in 1971 for my sister.”

“Step 2 plastic table I have had for 20 years, now belongs to my daughter. (That’s me on the right.)”

“To celebrate our 50th anniversary, my wife and I recreated our wedding pic. She’s wearing the same dress.”

“This scrunchie is at least 20 years old, and I still wear it fairly regularly. My mom bought it for me when I was a kid!”

“5th generation of use — my daughter pushing my great-grandmother’s doll stroller through the woods.”

“Our parents are moving from our childhood home, had to recreate this to say goodbye.”

Source:  brightside.me

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