14 Things That Are So Unusual

“This is how a rough diamond looks before cutting and polishing begins.”

“Golf balls that are cut in half look like this.”

“These are pieces of the moon and Mars.”

“My cactus evaporated, leaving an intact ’exoskeleton.’”

“Squids have teeth in their suction cups that need to be cleaned out before cooking.”

“Soda vending machines look like this inside.”

“Some frogs can be quite impressive in size.”

“If a ram’s horns don’t curl, they’ll look like this.”

“Now you’ve seen what the freshest cinnamon looks like.”

“This isn’t a frog with wings. This is just a flying fish photographed in full face.”

“This is what rice fields may look like from a bird’s-eye view. To create such paintings, Japanese farmers plant different varieties of rice together.”

“We’re used to the fact that trees usually grow on the ground. But it’s not always the case.”

“Ripe jalapeño peppers aren’t green at all.”

“When we talk about meteorites, shiny or shimmering stones appear in our imagination. However, pieces of these stellar objects actually look like this.”

“I held a 10-pound meteorite made of nickel and iron in my hands.”

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